Same Day Delivery & Messenger Services in Portsmouth and Surrounding Areas

We offer

Delivery of parcels, letters & documents
Valuable items and all commercial consignments

We provide

Modern and fully serviced vehicles with GPS satellite tracking.

All of our drivers are fully vetted, polite and respectful trustworthy drivers enhance your image your goods are always attentively handled with experienced care and expertise.

At AD2 Logistics, we will try to go above your expectations because our customers are valuable to us. They need us to be dependable, reliable and flexible as well as offer affordable rates. No more filling forms in on complicated hard to understand websites or waiting for emails on quotes for next day, or waiting for someone to get back to you, or pricing by weight and size. With AD2 Logistics, all the prices for same day delivery and courier services are in front of you. No matter what quantity or weight, you just pay the mileage rate. There is no waiting for the next day with AD2 Logistics. The words ( NEXT DAY DELIVERY) does not apply to us.


SWB Vehicles 

07.00 Hrs - 18.00 Hrs 79p per mile (up to 150kg)
90p per mile (over 150kg)
18.15 Hrs - 23.59 Hrs £1.01p per mile
00.00 Hrs - 06.59 Hrs £1.24p per mile

LWB Vehicle

07.00 Hrs - 18.00 Hrs 91p per mile (up to 300kg)
£1.01p per mile (over 300kg)
18.15 Hrs - 23.59 Hrs £1.11p per mile
00.00 Hrs - 06.59 Hrs £1.39p per mile

Rush Courier Priority Messenger Service 

08.00 Hrs - 18.00 Hrs 
£2.89 per mile (under 10 miles)
£1.89 per mile (over 10 miles) 

Rush Priority Multi Drop Messenger Service

£2.25 per mile - delivery time 1 - 3 hours depending on parcel/drop count min (10) maximum (20)

After Hours Priority Rush Messenger Charges 

18.15 Hrs - 23.59 Hrs £5.50 per mile 

All Delivery Options Include

  • Collection from your place of work within 30 minutes
  • Real-time contact with the delivery driver
  • 24-hour vehicle tracking monitored from head office
  • Satisfaction guaranteed delivery or your money will be refunded
  • Confirmation and proof of service on every delivery
  • Priority commercial same day courier Service

If you have a delivery within a 30-mile radius, we can guarantee a 3 to 4-hour turnaround courier service. We also start our same day deliveries at 8 AM and run until 6 PM. After that time, a rush charge will be added. A regular delivery is one that does not require expedited service. This is extremely economical and we will guarantee that your item will be delivered in a timely fashion. 

Rush Priority Courier/Messenger Service

For local deliveries assisting solicitors, accountants, and all office-based companies within a 10-mile radius, we offer a 1- 2-hour rush service that is extremely affordable. A rush priority delivery is needed if something is important and must be delivered as soon as possible. These are priority deliveries that must be on time. Rush deliveries are guaranteed to arrive within 2 hours of pickup. Price will be determined by the time of day and distance. Call us today to find out our affordable rates. Call our office on 0203 633 4825. 

Non-stop Commercial Priority Courier Service

We offer a non-stop courier service when your item must be delivered straight from your place of work to the destination desired. With this type of delivery, there are no stops and we go from where we pick up directly to the destination. The time of day, distance and nature of the product will determine how long the delivery will take. Our direct, non-stop messenger service is more expensive but when your item needs to be delivered immediately, we have you covered.

Rush Priority Multi Drop Service

As a contender in the courier and freight business, we also offer a multi-drop service that has a minimum drop count of (10) up to a maximum of (20). All drops must be within a 30-mile radius. This is costed out at a mileage rate rather than kg weight, which can work out better cost wise for your business.

European Deliveries

We do not charge by the package weight and dimensions. We charge an inclusive delivery rate made up of:

  • Mileage/diesel costs
  • Outbound & inbound costs
  • Ferry/ Channel Tunnel costs
  • Tolls (if appropriate)
  • Additional driver expenses such as overnight accommodation/meal expense

We Offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed Messenger Service!

When you choose to use a new courier or messenger service, there can be some uncertainties as to how reputable they will be with your products and freight. We offer each of our clients a satisfaction guarantee that our service will be impeccable or we will refund your money.

Our service has been chosen after careful review by several of the UK’s top commercial businesses including solicitors, accountants & estate agents that we already provide our unique rush messenger services to.

If you are based in Portsmouth and looking for same day delivery, courier or messenger services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.